About Us

Founded in 1982, Udyogi has been a pioneer in PPE & Industrial Safety Solutions in the country. We ventured into the Agri business in 2011 by manufacturing world-class Cylindrical Drippers. Over the years, we have added to our product portfolio in Agri such as Flat DrippersScreen, and Disc Filters. All these products are manufactured in-house using cutting-edge technology and world-class equipment as well as infrastructure.

Indian economy is predominantly agricultural. According to the government’s directives, we need to boost our yield per hectare. This target has created a huge requirement for drip irrigation facilities. We have increased our dripper manufacturing capacity and set it at 100 crores annually. We focus on building value-added and highly advanced solutions for the drip irrigation industry worldwide. With its continuous innovation, Udyogi Agri constantly strives towards achieving excellence in this space.

Udyogi has a strong presence across the country along with a sales team spread across India. Leading towards organizational excellence through comprehensive drip irrigation solutions and services has always been an insignia in our culture. Rising to the task of attaining distinction, all our teams across all divisions combine their knowledge and expertise to take Udyogi to newer heights.

Today, we boast of building an array of world-class Agri-solutions that offer great customer benefit & became a popular choice amongst users. The market has truly embraced the motto of More Crop Per Drop & generated high demand for Udyogi Agri Products.

We are a knowledge-driven organization where our growth in the drip irrigation industry is pegged on collective continuous research and innovation. Our excellent product quality is a result of lean thinking and a strong corporate structure powered by outstanding human capital. The knowledge of our team members combined with new ideas and current technology trends enables us to configure the optimal solution for all drip irrigation needs.

At Udyogi, we empower our workforce to do extraordinary things with their ingenuity and agility. As an organization, we aim to prioritize innovation. We are now keen to make ‘innovation’ the language, the behaviour definer, the culture, and the soul of the entire organization.

Years of experience in this industry have endowed us with the insights to better understand the needs of both the drip-line producer and the end-user. This adds an extra edge to our state-of-the-art production lines that cater to the diverse and complex demands of our customers while addressing all market needs.

Our products show what cutting-edge innovation can achieve. Our product line shows excellent quality, durability & longevity. Udyogi Agri is the effect of continuous innovation that is working for humanity.