Ultrafine Screen Filter

This type of filter efficiently removes impurities such as hard inorganic particulates like scale, trash, sand, silt, and other contaminants like algae and helps increase the efficiency of valves operation and result in overall significant increase in system efficiency, leading to excellent system performance.


Manufactured from reinforced engineering plastic to provide longer life in the field.

Anti-corrosive & chemical resistant body.

Single piece moulded cartridge for longer life & stability.

Designed to withstand wide fluctuations in pressures.

Various mesh sizes are available (80, 20, 150 microns).


Easy to open and close Toggle Clamp made of engineering plastic to open the filter casing to clean the filter element. Two openings for differential pressure measurement, and one opening for Drain cum Fertilizer injection port, all provided as per standard metal insert.

Vacuum breaker to ensure the dripper is clogging free also acts as a self-locking air relief valve for initial priming of irrigation filter. Single piece moulded filter element for better performance and resistance to buckling.


Used for water filtration of drip irrigation system for Orchards, Farms, Gardens, Landscapes or where fine filtration is needed.

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